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At TurningMode,
We are enhancing people’s well-being, by developing and implementing tomorrow’s technology

TURNINGMODE Technologies and Innovation


Decision Support Technologies

Re-imagining Decision Support technologies in healthcare, improving medical outcomes, and enabling caregivers to use their time on their patients when it matters most.


Illumination and Visualization Technologies

Innovating technologies to simplify illumination and enhance visualization of complex clinical workflows, re-thinking the space around the patient. 


Airway Management, Respiration and Ventilation

Portable, and disposable devices for EMR, and ER workflows, and tools to train caregivers dexterity for complex patients' airway management.


Asepticism, Safety and Environment Control

Innovation for caregivers' safety and patient wounds, as well as  environment asepticism.

We are a Medical Devices and Life Sciences Technology Incubator. At TurningMode, we enable better patient care and better medical outcomes by developing innovative ideas into solutions, positively impacting people's lives.