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About Us


Our Vision

By 2030, TurningMode’s technologies will have positively impacted over 100 million people's lives. Physicians, nurses, and caregivers using our innovation will take better care of their patients, while saving time and resources.


Our Mission

At TurningMode, we enable better patient care and better medical outcomes by developing innovative ideas into meaningful solutions that positively impact people’s lives!

Our history

  • TODAY – New initiatives are started to address Care-givers’ Decision Support needs, Laparoscopy Surgery, and Environment Asepticism.
  • 2020 – TurningMode successfully transfers the smart illumination technology for commercialization and starts a strategic partnership for healthcare innovation. The company then develops technology for patient ventilation, UVC-based sterilization, and other well-being, and mobility technologies.
  • 2019 – TurningMode continues enhancing its patent portfolio. The company starts a new agreement to address shortcomings in patient intubation workflows.
  • 2018 – From ideation to realization. TurningMode wins the Innovation Fund America award for its Smart Illumination technology.
  • 2017 – TurningMode signs collaboration agreements with BioEnterprise, and Biossmann for smart illumination, and receives its first external investors. TurningMode works with top tier hospitals and medical faculties in support of anesthesiologist seminars. By the end of the year, TurningMode is awarded the Burton D. Morgan Mentorship Program with two prominent Healthcare Executives
  • 2016 – TurningMode is founded and enters its first partnership to solve anesthesiologist dexterity training; TurningMode files its first patent application and starts developing smart illumination technology for surgery and other critical workflows