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Visualization and Illumination


Autonomous Illumination

TurningMode developed Sentinel, a novel illumination technology for complex clinical procedures. It mitigates shadows proactively and autonomously despite obstructions and interferences. In general, 88% of surgeons consider shadows and illumination to be an issue. Repositioning surgical lights interrupt procedures and over-illumination with traditional lights is a common problem. Sentinel makes avoiding shadows and illumination smart and simple. Autonomous illumination enables safer and faster surgery with fewer distractions and fewer interruptions.



Complex Airway Cases Management

We are developing a new disposable device to simplify the placement of Endotracheal Tubes (ETT) and Laryngeal Mask Airways (LMA) during challenging procedures. This new device addresses the occupation of the patient airway volume by a video laryngoscope, endoscope, fiber-optic laryngoscope (FOB), or any other video device during patient endotracheal intubation. It speeds up the orientation of LMA placement by both less-skilled and experienced practitioners. It also mitigates laryngeal trauma-related injuries or lacerations caused by LMA placement complications.